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Scott Leventhal
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SINCE May 1983, Scott has been assisting buyers to purchase properties overseas. Originally getting into the “dream business” in Spain and Cyprus for OSL selling vacation homes and holidays to the European Elite. Scott has been a Licensed Realtor in Florida for 15 years + specializing in the purchase, management and rental in and around the Disney area of the Sunshine State for 2nd vacation home and investment buyers. Well experienced in the property management industry which is an art form as well as a science, has enabled Scott to make healthy returns for his investors even through the last major recession, by foreseeing market changes and the awareness to exploit them. Married to Liz for 32 years, Scott grew up and was educated in Europe but now enjoys the Florida dream as a dual citizen with his two sons and grandchildren.  A perfect scenario for him to explain and compare the buying process to foreign nationals. The best weapon to have in your arsenal when looking to purchase a property anywhere is local knowledge, as real estate is very insular and dictated to by regional differences.

“There is NO substitute for Experience”

Your Realtors major role is to ensure that when you decide to enter the property market you know all the facts prior, and can rest well after, knowing the purchase was right for you. Scott Leventhal’s ® ability to assist you, the client from start to finish and beyond is only made possible by a solid understanding of the property management industry acquired by a life time of experience working in it. So why not have all the experience at your disposal, it could be the difference between you getting a good deal and the best deal.
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